When 14-year old Isabella Weems started Origami Owl in 2010, she only wanted to raise money to buy a car in time for her 16th birthday. Little did she know that her dreams of buying the car of her dreams would lead to a full-scale direct sales company, giving thousands of women in the country an opportunity to start their own business. Now, Origami Owl offers one of the best ground floor opportunities in direct sales, giving aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to finally fulfill their dreams of owning their own direct sales venture.

If you are in the lookout for a new opportunity that will allow you to work according to your own schedule and allow you to have fun while earning a decent income every month, then Origami Owl might just be the company you are looking for. Specializing in custom charm necklaces, Origami Owl highlights the personal appeal of jewelry to women. For decades, jewelry pieces like necklaces have become symbols of relationships, special occasions, and special people in the life of its wearer and this is exactly what Origami Owl offers the direct sales market. Origami Owl allows their customers to choose charms that would best tell their story and can be put together inside a locket pendant, which can be worn as necklaces.

The Origami Owl Business offers quite the opportunity for interested designers. Origami Owl’s sales representatives are called independent designers because the company believes that each person representing their products has a hand in designing the necklaces that would soon be worn by their customers. Independent designers for Origami Owl can choose from four different starter kits ranging from $199 to $2599. Regardless of your budget and the initial needs of your business, you can expect to find a starter kit from Origami Owl that would best suit your needs.

Origami Owl offers two rates for personal sales commissions: 50% on charms and 30% on other jewelry pieces, giving you an opportunity to earn more. At the end of each party you attend, you can immediately keep your personal sales commissions so you won’t have to wait for your profit to be sent to you. Origami Owl designers are also given their own e-commerce website so that they can offer their products online. Interested in building a career and honing your leadership skills? You can also sponsor designers to the company and build a team. By doing so, you can get an extra source of passive residual income every month.

Origami Owl is a very new company so by joining now, you get the benefit of introducing these products in your area before anyone else. This is a truly attractive opportunity for women who are just beginning to discover the lucrative benefits of direct selling.